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Chief keef beat go off

Name: Chief keef beat go off

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I up this fucking then I speak it dawg dah Me I take naps and you a sleepy dawg huh? Sold a bit fo' and left her one And threw that fkin' sht in the strip club Niggas flexin' this ain't what they want I up this pump and fill a nigga up. Chief Keef That bch called me on the phone she ain't want sht Told that bch don't call my phone with all that nonsense I be gettin' to that guap bch I be guapin' Smokin' on this bch stunkin' I mean skunky, I'm rollin' with the funky Cops pull me over they don't want sht They just want to say they locked me up Cuz they know I got a lot of bucks But I'm buddin' right out I ain't broke Niggas ain't gettin' no money, it ain't a joke Ya betta get sum' money fo' yo mama, or yo hopes Boy yo ass betta not be broke, I spent 4 bands on a cloak I spent a fkin' band on sum' locs I spent that on my air force ones To stomp a nigga in his air force ones I don't need a jet, I want Air Force One I am fkin' president and a son!